Potato Codfish by Nathalie Lubin

Ingredients • 4 potatoes • 1 lb of salted cod fish • 1 sweet onion • parsley and thyme • Scotch Bonnet Pepper • Salt (if needed), black pepper • Garlic • 3 radishes • 2 tbsps of butter • 2 tbsps of Honey

Directions The procedure to unsalt the cod fish is the same as the one for unsalting smoked herring. 1. Clean your fish with white vinegar and massage it with lemon then drain. 2. Fill a recipient of water at room temperature. Let codfish soak inside the bowl for 10 to 12 hours or simply overnight. Change the water as often as you think you should. Check for saltiness. Or simply boil for 20 mns (Fill a pot with water. Not too much. Just enough to cover the fish. Let it boil) 3. Once you’re done desalting, drain the water out and start ” fishing” for bones. Take out the very hard bones. 4. Tear the fish into small little pieces. That part should be easy because this will tend to happen as you’re taking out the bones. I used a fork and a knife to do so but you may do it your own way. 5. Boil your potatoes until very tender. Peel off the skin. 6. Cut your onions and radishes into dices. Add garlic, black pepper, salt (if you think your fish doesn’t have enough salt), thyme, parsley and crushed Caribbean pepper. BLEND! This will allow for the flavors to be well mixed with the potato and fish. 7. Grab a big bowl and add onion, honey, fish and potato into it. Now using your hands, massage them all together (if you think you might need gloves, don’t hesitate to use them) 8. Add your 2 tbsps of butter and massage again. 9. Grease a cookie sheet. Separate your mix into small little balls and bake at 350F It should be ready in 20 to 30 mns. The more gold it gets, the more you can think it’s ready.

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